10 December 2006

Interactive Mike

I had a great experience with my younger son, Michael, today. We actually had some time together where it was just the two of us, and we were able to connect and interact without anyone or anything else getting in the way. It was pretty cool.

Cindy was busy in the other room doing chores or something, and Erik was using my laptop on the dining room table to make sure he had seen every ounce of content on The Wiggles' Web site. Mike and I had the "play room" (the family room that has no actual furniture in it, instead having most of the boys' larger toys) all to ourselves.

I was able to chase Mike around the room. He darted into the "tunnel," a birthday present we got for both boys to learn to play together with things. I looked at him in the tent connected to the tunnel, and he smiled at me. That smile definitely was telling me that he wanted to continue the game, so I went around the other side and surprised him. He let out a little yell, smiled, and then crawled off into the Pooh Tent (a Winnie The Pooh toy tent connected to this other tent/tunnel combo) and then looked back at me with another great smile.

I'll admit that, for just about all of his 12 months and 3 weeks "on the outside," I really haven't seen him as his own person. He's just been this thing that we take care of-- feed, change diapers, and wash occasionally. Erik, my 3-year-old, has been way more fun to play with. Maybe I'm just not a baby kind of person. Nevertheless, tonight was fun. I'm looking forward to more of it. Maybe I should start going to work earlier so that I can get home sooner to have more time with my littlest little guy.

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