09 December 2006

Company Holiday Party

I went to my company holiday party last night. Due to a lack of babysitting options, Cindy took care of the boys all on her own, leaving me free to work my business connections.

These parties are a strange thing to behold, sociologically speaking. It's a very interesting thing to see people that you work with suddenly become a social creature, complete with alcohol. It's usually during these events where I realize that, were it not for us working at the same place, I probably would not want anything to do with many of these people.

One bonus, though, is that I got to meet Scott's girlfriend. She's a very sweet gal, and I definitely could see them getting married in the next year or so. You heard it here first!

Our party theme was "A Night in New York." If I didn't know that beforehand, I never would have guessed it, as there really was nothing to indicate anything Big Apple-ish. But I assume most of the people in the room haven't been to the City anyway, so no harm, no foul, I guess.

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